Night Owls results

Winners of the 2017/2018 season

Red team Encounter Bay won the regional trophy at Victor Harbor

Green team of Givahoot won Div 1

Black team 3 Short were winners in Div2

Blue team Lakers won Div 3


PtsDivision 1PtsDivision 2PtsDivision 3
32Three Short32Lakers30Mechanic Owls
30South Coasters31 Red Club Boys29Unbiased Legends
28 Scotch on the Rocks30 Merv's Angels27New Jacks
27Eagles26Triple S8Hooters
8 Moonlighters9Dollar Donors6Bay Bad Boys
7Givahoot5Whalers 5Jasmin Drivers
5Encounter Bay4Fig Jam
3Good Energy3Totally Bowled Over